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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 9, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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thank you for joinin cameron mathes is here in for kevin frasier. >> there really is no neutral position on trump, right? the stars sounded off with our nischelle turner. but are all the hollywood haters making his supporters love him even more? >> donald trump. >> kelly and michael had him on their show this morning. they're getting a ton of flak. >> he entered the room. he had huge applause. >> our country has to get its act together. >> i think that they probably could have held his feet to the fire a little more. >> you are very controversial. >> i think i'm more controversial now. that's what happens. >> but that's not what this show is known for. it is a soft talk show. to that extent donald trump probably benefited from that appearance. >> donald trump, not spending money on commercials even though he's a billionaire. >> hollywood is blasting trump literally. last night jimmy kimmel fired up a trump snow blower.
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he's saying blanket statements that are dangerous and hate filled. no one wants to hear what i have to say about donald trump at this point because it's too expletive laced and complex. >> my take is that trump is good for comedy, bad for the country. >> but here's a question -- is all this hollywood backlash good for candidate trump? >> i think trump benefits the more that entertainers speak out against him because his whole campaign is based on going against the perceived elites even though he himself is a member of the elite. >> and there's another hollywood angle. trump and late night. >> that's right, donald trump said that the united states should block all muslims from entering the country. he said that, in fact, the only reason we should ever allow anyone to come here from country is to marry him. >> yeah. expect the jokes, but not the sketches or soft sitdowns, that @` from senior editor ted johnson
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is the joke >> there's a level of seriousness now that there wasn't maybe three months ago, six months ago. >> we know the controversy just keeps following the donald. >> i think he thrives on it. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow. he's in new hampshire for a special event with the police union. >> here's something that trump definitely knows about, divorce. he's been married three times and three big divorces are making news today. first and foremost antonio banderas and melanie griffith. their divorce will be final on the 20th and the money is crazy. >> in antonio's case, he's clearly moved on. he's paying more to get out of the relationsh >> this is basically a $75 million divorce, with antonio losing out. he has to pay melanie $55,000 a month in spousal support tax free. >> from zorro to the expendables with 14 separa shrek projects, ehnio's made a ton of they signed a premarital agreement that kept his income separate. at some point melanie obviously
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resources. >> the 57-page divorce document reveals who gets what. melanie gets to keep their home in aspen. they're equally dividing their collection of art but she gets this picasso. after the split she'll keep the six cars, an escalade, a ford truck and prius. antonio prefers his a tesla, a porsche and a honda gold wing. melanie has four bank accounts. he's got five. she has six companies. antonio 17. it's not surprising that throughout their 19-year marriage the couple spent big on gifts for each oth >> i got a diamond for my 40th birthday. >> my gosh, i'd keep him, too. >> yeah. he's much more special than the diamond. >> melanie and antonio will split the 16.1 million they got from the recent sale of three-story seven-bedroom, ten-bath l.a. home. she's been living there sin they separated in june of last year.
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under #richpeopleproblems is mandy moore and ryan adam. >> there's no way to have a connection with my husband because there's always like animals in between. >> these two are fighting over their eight cats and dogs. mandy just filed new legal docs demanding ryan take at least four of the pets immediately. she claims makes $1.8 million a year, to give her $3700 a month to pay for animal expenses, including yoga, pet care and a pet walker. >> she's saying they're community pr animals. they have to be taken care of. i'm taking care of them, i need additional money. >> there is some good marriage news. tv's former bachelor and wife katherine say they're doi fine even though they are appearing on "marriage boot camp." they're having their first baby. congratulations. sounds like they're doing more than just okay. nischelle turner is here with news about another little baby, kim and kanye's baby. >> more baby talk.
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grandmother this morning, kris jenner, at a breakfast for hollywood's most powerful women. this is the first time that kris has been able to gush on camera about the new addition. how excited are you for saint west to be here? >> he's amazing. really exciting. we've only known him a few days. >> she's one seriously powerful grandmom. kris and her girls are on the list of the 100 women honored this morning and sounds like she's passed some tough mamaness on to kim. how was she? >> she was amazing. a little cranky when she gets uncomfortabl but other than that she's been amazing. >> has everyone been able to see the baby? has caitlyn been able to see the baby as well? >> i don't know if she made it to the hospital or not. but we definitely went quite a few times. >> my fantasy has always been a room of hollywood power bitches enjoying breakfast food. >> lena dunham opened the event. where barbra streisand accepted the leadership award presented by robert redford.
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meeting like this. >> and in what was perhaps the most poignant moment of the morning, the recognition of nancy ryder, legendary hollywood publicist to reese witherspoon, courteney cox and renee zellweger among many others. her diagnosis of als left her unable to speak, but producer jeffrey katzenberg did the honors for her. >> first, donate to a.l.s., of course, then do something about the women issue in hollywood. you are all power >> talk about an inspirational woman. when nancy arrived on the red carpet, everyone just that's how much love and respect that hollywood has for her. i also had a great conversation with sarah silverman. i spoke to her just moments after she found out that she scored a nomination for a scr actors guild award. >> i'm still in shock. very excited. i can't believe it. my manager and partner amy called me crying.
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>> sarah's nomination was a sweet surprise. leo and johnny, kevin and john nicole kidman and cate blanchett. big names earning big noms. but the news out of the s.a.g. award nominations, who was left out? >> surprise. >> matt damon snubbed for "the martian." will smith forgotten for "concussion" and no joy for jennifer lawrence. we noticed one mega hit tv show missing. >> absolutely no "empire." the show was a huge success but taraji p. henson was completely off the list. >> brad pitt and str outta compton earned past noms. anna faris announced the nominations. she told us she's stressing over the holidays. >> if this came in april, i would be so happy. we'll go back to washington. it's wonderful, it's beautiful up there.
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just like everybody else. >> eddie redmayne could win back-to-back years. he won last year for "the theory of everything" and he's nominated for "the danish girl." >> i wo bet against him. >> he's so good in this movie. >> we're making it man cru wednesday with a shirtless star swinging from the trees and one hitting the slop they're posing with the stray puppies. >> plus "star wars" versus "sisters." the dueling movies. >> watch "sisters"
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by --
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and got well wishes from motion jesse tyler ferguson posted this shot showing off a big bandage. he thanked his doctor for taking the cancer off his face and wished the folks at "modern family" good luck hiding his stitch
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work it into the storyline. the media has also been an important way for olympic skier gus kenworthy to spread the he announced in a tweet that he is gay. at the same time he told his story to espn magazine. and he got a big hug from hollywood stars such as miley. >> as soon as the article broke, i got the sweetest text message ever from her. she blew up my instagram feed with stuff. she's overwhelmingly supportive. she's amazing. >> mugging with miley, big smiles with elton, anderson and andy. yes, celebs that love gus. >> i want to go to the top of the mountain and just scream. >> and so do we. here three reasons why the nigh newly-out olympian is one to watch in 2016. all those shirtless selfies. >> i've kind of tried to steer away from it's just that i have so much layered on top of me to hide my sexuality that it was kind of nice to be able to do something that felt more me. >> from selfies to sochi.
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remember all the stray dogs at the olympics? well, kenworthy rescued four. >> the situation here is really sad. but people have been enamored by it. the are doing really they're doing great. they've adjusted well. and they're very loved and cared >> so cute. now number three, he's an athlete turned role model. >> caitlyn jenner's story definitely had a big impact on me. >> after coming out, the freestyle ski champ is all over social media promoting tolerance. >> these are the eight things you should never say to your gay friends. you don't really seem gay. the last few years definitely struggled a lot more and really kind of felt like i needed to put it out there. feels so good t have the weight off my shoulders. i just want to say thank you and let's go for a run. >> he's gea up for the games in aspen in january. good luck to him. tina fey and amy poehler's reunion.
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>> then andy garcia. >> he was definitely like taken aback. >> how their daughters are getting the fashion industry to
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soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. now, live, well, kind of. from new york it's amy poehler and tina fey with co-stars including bobby moynihan and famous friends at the premiere of "sisters." >> it's a high school party for people in their 40s. >> the stars admit th parties have changed. >> the trickier thing now is
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just like remember what happened and like maybe change it if it didn't go that great, but now it's like oh, no, everybody films what happened. >> and there was another film celebrated last night in seoul, south korea. yep, "sisters" is opening the same day as "star wars." here in hollywood fans are camped out eight days before it opens. tina's box office solution? >> they should watch "sisters" first, then buy another ticket for "sisters" but then go sit in the "star wars" theater. >> you see, i like that. tina's always thinking. always trying to figure it out. amy just found out that she's a grammy nominee in the best spoken word category of the audio book of her memoir and tina was nominated in the same category in 2012. but failed to take home that gr >> good to be nominated. >> of course, itis. >> but think of the bragging rights if amy wins. she wouldn't do that, though, because they're sisters. hard to be humble when you
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that's true blood star alexander skarsgard. a sexy new look. and only we have first scenes. >> he's tarzan, you're jane. he'll come for you. >> alexander bulked up. he's ripped as tarzan. to change that bod from his "true blood" viking vampire to this. he said he did it by lifting weights and eating chicken. whatever he did, it worked. he basically said good-bye to his family for six months to make this film. >> he is no normal man. seeing evil spirits. the ghosts in the trees. >> and there's that tarzan yell. margot robbie plays jane and ther evil mastermind.
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we meet lord greystoke first as a civilized englishman. >> you are lord of the apes. king of the jungle. tarzan, tarzan. >> a little more urgency than that. >> with some urging from samuel jackson, lord greystoke heads back to the where he can't contain his inner beast. >> stop! >> you just caught me like puffing out my chest like all tarzan. >> yeah, i did. sorry, ladies because tarzan is taken. alexander is dating british model alexis. >> she's made the headlines in the past for making it look like she has a zero sized body. designers are now embracing women of all sizes. >> they are, and the terminology is changing. plus sized is out and cur in.
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in fashion's curvy revolution. 24-year-old alessandro garcia at a size 12 is sensual, sexy and not stick skinny. andy gargarcia's daughter is clad only in lingerie. she's proud to show >> i hope women of all sizes feel empowered because it's sort of celebrating a different body type but also showing that you can be sexy and confident in your own skin. >> what about da >> he was definitely like taken aback but excited that i'm representing an underrepresented group in the industry. >> she's not the only star daughter shaking up the industry. sophie simmons who calls gene dad. and haley hasslehoff is in demand for her size 14 figure. >> the world right now is shifting and changing, not only in modeling, but in film and television and health. >> the supermodel led the charge for the fashion industry to include everyone. >> 100 million women above a
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spent $17 billion this year. the industry left 12 to $14 billion on the table because not enough product was available for her to buy. >> celebs are cashing in on those billions. meghan trainor reps the full beauty company. and rebel wilson is part of the tours line. >> making cool clothes that i would want to wear that i can't find online. >> to have women not only fall in love with their curves but to accept themselves and to work it, own them, show them off. >> melissa mccarthy is stunning and sleek in these 2015 holiday photos for her 77 creating clothes from a size 2 to 28. it happened after being frustrated in stores. >> when i went out to shop for myself, i was not finding anything. i thought, my god, it just can't be me. >> actually, that means you are winner of "project runway" season 14. >> ashley nell tipton to win inspired millions. it broke down all kinds of
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"peo >> first of all, you have to look a certain way in order to be beautiful, in order to love yourself. and i think that that is a bunch of crap. >> there's even a shift in the men's marke this 275-pound zach models for target but as a kid was body shamed. >> you get made fun of the first day of school. they make fun of you and call you fat and chubby i had to wear husky pants. >> supermodel ashley graham is against any kind of labeling when it comes to size. >> all the negative stigmatisms that go with what the word "plus sized" means. you're fat, la drive, no determination. those are stereotypes. >> ashley is a real trail she was the first curvy model to appear in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. >> in our birthdays, which star of "the big bang theory" had a
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galecki, jim parsons or
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>> i'll go with johnny.o
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provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star of "the big bang theory" had a black belt in karate at 10 years old? that's simon helberg. we both got it wrong who turns 35 today. happy birt tomorrow all about the golden globe nominations, and we'll show you who got the love and who didn't. the official campaign for the globe's 25 years and last night was the launch of the moet moment film festival. >> jane the virgin star gina rodriguez served as a special guest judge. and we asked her about those rumors that she'll be in th next "star wars" movie. >> oh, 40, i mean, you've known -- that's -- i don't know anything. i don't know nothing. what i do know is i would love hopefully one day that would be aw
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right now, jane, jane, jane, jane. >> yeah, she would make a great jedi.
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